Stencils are ideal for placing permanent directional arrows or explanatory words on traffic routes. It will be helpful for drivers to get pavement directions since each driver’s eyes will be focused on the road immediately in front of the vehicle. They also make pedestrians aware of moving traffic patterns within the parking lot. At STRIPES we have stenciling experts who have been providing this service around Ontario for the past 25 years, be it re-painting an old, tired parking lot or a high traffic pavement, we can ensure you to make it look revitalized and brand-new.

In many ways, pavement stencils are unavoidable and essential. Pavement stencils are an easy way to organize not only the traffic flow entering and leaving the lot, but they are also clear markers for areas in which parking is not allowed. Handicap parking areas can be marked by our graphic stenciling method. Also numbered stencils can clarify which spots are reserved for specific drivers. Avoid confusion in your lot, by having everything clearly-marked.

STRIPES considers quality as a prime goal, so we always work with high quality products meeting all Canadian standards.

We will take the time to explore different stencil options for your lot. Some jobs require custom stencils and we are proud to provide that for you. In our commitment to the environment, we keep all of our stencils and reuse them when necessary. We have an array to choose from now, but can create customized stencils for you, which we will keep and reuse on future jobs, in our effort to “Keep it Green”.
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