Warehouse floor marking must be done in order to ensure a safe working environment. It is the best way to direct vehicular movement in the warehouse, while protecting your pedestrian work force. Creating a clearly marked and well instructed space in an industrial facility, such as a warehouse, is important to maintain organization, optimum work flow and a safe working environment.

Warehouse are often marked with different colored markings. But according standards, each set of colors indicates a certain restriction or need for attention. It is imperative that correct line markings are used to indicate proper travel areas as well as provide information on the location of other equipment such as fire equipment, medical supplies, and general storage areas. Safety is the key and marking out boundaries in the working environment will improve the way your business operates as well as working with current health and safety regulations.

STRIPES has been providing expert warehouse marking services in Southern Ontario since 1988. We always take advantage of new technologies and use of only the best quality product. This practice has helped us to become a leader in our field. Your business is important to us and we pride ourselves on friendly, accessible customer service. We make line markings in factories and warehouses that are durable and long lasting.
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