A clean, well maintained and well marked parking lot essential to any business organization, let it be a shopping mall or a company. The absence of parking lot painting can result in accidents, further leading to general chaos and disorder in the work area. A parking lot without any painted lines on its surface to direct vehicles is really dangerous. Therefore, it’s very important that any parking surface that can accommodate more than two vehicles has a clear, designated pattern of parking spaces. The creation of a parking lot line requires some physical work, more so to clear out the surface of the area rather than the actual painting of lines.

Parking lot painting is really a strenuous job even if done with the stencils and machines. Before going for painting, proper planning must be done in order to ensure an effective and neat layout. The available area must be properly marked in order to park maximum number of vehicles and maintain cost effectiveness. If the parking lot is not well organized and if any facilities are not available like handicapped parking, you run the risk of losing viable clients or customers to your business. Customers always look for a place they can easily enter, park and exit quickly and safely. If such facilities are available at your place of business, they more are likely to return.

Why is planning critical when painting a parking lot? The main goal of having a well planned layout is to maximize your lot’s usability. The 90° straight in design is usually used for the maximum number of stalls but 45°, 60° or 75° angled stalls are also very popular.
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